About the Course

In the whole of the Union Territory of Puducherry, only our college offers Social Work at the graduate level. The Social Work syllabus consists of 17 theory and 4 allied papers. Our allied subjects are Psychology and Sociology. Main papers cover different fields of social work which include Basic Methods of Social Work, Developmental Psychology, Social Problems, Human Rights, Counseling, Criminology, Social Development, Rehabilitation of the Disabled, Women Empowerment, Social Justice, Rural and Urban Community Development, Family and Child Welfare, Social Psychology and Social Legislation. The Social work curriculum also consists of a weeklong rural camp, study tour and an observation visit to various social welfare organizations and NGOs. The final year students have to undergo fieldwork atleast one day a week in various agencies working in the area of social welfare and development. From the third semester onwards, field work is an integral part of the syllabus that carries hundred marks in every semester. Besides the usual syllabus-related programmes, the department also organizes various events like observation of international days, showcasing of documentaries and films in relevant social areas, seminars and workshops and involvement in local social issues- in brief, all that is helpful in shaping a successful social work career.

B.A.Social work -Intake-28 -H.Sc,(+2) or its Equivalent.