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“You educate a man; You educate a man.
You educate a woman ; You educate a generation”

    Kasthurba College for Women hopes to contribute positively to society and to bring new and meaningful changes in the lives of young women. We have the responsibility to educate and to support students at every level of attainment. We aid students in developing personal discipline, strength, resilience and rigour. We try to consciously and consistently emphasize the building of good character by enhancing the physical, emotional, moral, intellectual and spiritual domains of a student. We provide a dynamic, broad-based curriculum in an intellectually stimulating environment aimed at meeting the changing needs of tomorrow’s world. For all of us, the journey is as important as the destination, and we are sure that our college provides an excellent platform for the students to strive towards rewarding, adventurous experiences and opportunities to help and care for each other. We are positive that anything can be achieved with participation and persistence.