The IQAC was formulated in Feb 2007 and has been formally functioning since 2017.

The Core Committee Members are

1 Dr.Cheryl-Ann Gerardine Shivan Principal and Chairperson
2 Mrs.Chitra Shah,
Satya Special School, Pondicherry
External Member
3 Mr.D.Sundaramoorthi Superintendent
4 Dr.J.Prabakaran Head, Dept of History
5 Mr.C.P. Anoop Head, Dept of Social Work
6 Dr.K.Bhuvaneswari Coordinator, IQAC
Head, Dept of Psychology
7 Dr.T.Amudhan Head, Dept of Tamil
8 Dr.D.Ramkumar Head, Dept of English
9 Mrs.V.Vaideki Vanny Nodal Officer – Model Examination
Prog.Officer N.S.S, RRC
10 Selvi.A.Sudavathi III yr History Student Representative
11 Selvi. G.Roja III yr Social Work Student Representative
12 Selvi.M.Aswini I yr Psychology Student Representative