About the Course

B.A Social work is an undergraduate course offered only at Kasthurba College for Women, in the whole of the U.T .of Puducherry. It is a full time course that imparts education, based on the values of social work, in order to prepare aspiring students for a career in professional social work. The course provides  quality education and field based training for building competent social work professionals, well-equipped to deal with the requirements in the field of professional social work and contribute towards social development. 

It is a practice based course which involves various subjects like Human Rights, Social Development, Social Justice, Women Empowerment, and Family and Child welfare, Community Development, Social Legislations, Criminology, Counselling etc. It equips students with knowledge, skills and attitude to work in various settings like the Social Welfare Department, Public Health sectors, Schools, Industries, Prisons, Rehabilitation Homes, Community Development Projects, Family Counselling Centres, HIV Prevention programmes, De -addiction Centres, Government projects like ICDS etc.

The course also includes field work curriculum that offers a week long Rural Camp, Study Tour, Orientation visits to various agencies, Community Field work, Concurrent Field work in the agency settings, etc. The curriculum also stipulates the organisation of workshops in skill development, life skills and creative writing. 

The course also strives to instil in students, a strong sense of responsibility towards society and create in them a civic sense for involvement in solving public problems.

Intake : 60

Eligibility criteria : H.Sc,(+2) or its Equivalent.